Accepted Papers

Full papers

  • Towards Continuous and Passive Identification Across Mobile Devices: An Empirical Study
    Authors: X. Wang, T. Yu, O. Mengshoel, P. Tague
  • Geosocial Query with User-Controlled Privacy
    Authors: P. Hu, S. Chow, A. Aloufi
  • Using Hover to Compromise the Confidentiality of User Input on Android
    Authors: E. Ulqinaku, L. Malisa, J. Stefa, A. Mei, S. Capkun
  • UiRef: Analysis of Sensitive User Inputs in Android Applications
    Authors: B. Andow, A. Acharya, D. Li, W. Enck, K. Singh, T. Xie
  • Trashing IMSI Catchers in Mobile Networks
    Authors: M. Khan, C. Mitchell
  • Unity is strength! Combining Attestation and Measurements Inspection to handle Malicious Data Injections in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Authors: V. Illiano, R. Steiner, E. Lupu
  • An Autonomic and Permissionless Android Covert Channel
    Authors: K. Block, S. Narain, G. Noubir
  • HanFence: SDN-driven protection of smart home WiFi devices from malicious mobile apps.
    Authors: S. Demetriou, N. Zhang, Y. Lee, X. Wang, C. Gunter, X. Zhou, M. Grace
  • ESIoT: Enabling Secure Management of the Internet of Things
    Authors: J. Kim, W. Hu, D. Sarkar, S. Jha
  • Massive Reactive Smartphone-Based Jamming using Arbitrary Waveforms and Adaptive Power Control
    Authors: M. Schulz, F. Gringoli, D. Steinmetzer, M. Koch, M. Hollick
  • Insecure to the Touch: Attacking ZigBee 3.0 via Touchlink Commissioning
    Authors: P. Morgner, S. Mattejat, Z. Benenson, C. Müller, F. Armknecht
  • SCAPI: A Scalable Attestation Protocol to Detect Software and Physical Attacks
    Authors: F. Kohnhäuser, N. Büscher, S. Gabmeyer, S. Katzenbeisser
  • Coresident Evil: Noisy Vibrational Pairing in the Face of Co-located Acoustic Eavesdropping
    Authors: S Anand, N. Saxena
  • Binary Hash Tree based Certificate Access Management for Connected Vehicles
    Authors: V. Kumar, J. Petit, W. Whyte
  • Anonymous Attestations Made Practical
    Authors: A. Barki, N. Desmoulins, S. Gharout, J. Traoré
  • YELP: Masking Sound-based Opportunistic Attacks in Zero-Effort Deauthentication
    Authors: P. Shrestha, S Anand, N. Saxena
  • SeED: Secure Non-Interactive Attestation for Embedded Devices
    Authors: A. Ibrahim, A. Sadeghi, S. Zeitouni
  • HYDRA: HYbrid Design for Remote Attestation (Using a Formally Verified Microkernel)
    Authors: N. Rattanavipanon, G. Tsudik, K. ElDefrawy
  • User Authentication And Identification From User Interface Interactions on Touch-Enabled Devices
    Authors: V. Sharma, R. Enbody

Short papers

  • Breaking and Fixing the HB+DB protocol
    Authors: I. Boureanu, D. Gerault, P. Lafourcade, C. Onete
  • Quantifying the Reflective DDoS Attack Capability of Household IoT Devices
    Authors: M. Lyu, D. Sherratt, A. Sivanathan, H. Gharakheili, A. Radford, V. Sivaraman
  • Power-Positive Networking Using Wireless Charging: Protecting Energy Against Battery Exhaustion Attacks
    Authors: S. Chang, S. Kumar, B. Tran, S. Viswanathan, Y. Park, Y. Hu
  • There are Many Apps for That: Quantifying the Availability of Privacy-Preserving Apps
    Authors: V. Taylor, A. Beresford, I. Martinovic
  • Physical-Layer Fingerprinting of LoRa devices using Supervised and Zero-Shot Learning
    Authors: P. Robyns, E. Marin, W. Lamotte, P. Quax, D. Singelée, B. Preneel
  • Resilient Privacy Protection for Location-Based Services Through Decentralization
    Authors: H. Jin, P. Papadimitratos
  • Challenges to PHY Anonymity for Wi-Fi
    Authors: P. Iannucci, H. Balakrishnan

Opinion papers

  • Opinion: Advancing Attacker Models of Satellite-based Localization Systems—The Case of Multi-device Attackers
    Authors: K. Jansen, C. Pöpper
  • Opinion: PHY-Layer Security is no Alternative to Cryptography
    Authors: P. Robyns, P. Quax, W. Lamotte

Important Dates

  • Abstract submission: March 27, 2017 (11:59:59 PM EDT) [Open until Paper Deadline]
  • Paper submission: March 27, 2017 (11:59:59 PM EDT) [Hard Deadline]
  • Notification to authors: May 1, 2017
  • Poster and demo proposal submission: June 2, 2017
  • Camera-ready version: May 29, 2017
  • WiSec 2017: July 18 to July 20, 2017

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